Recent Before & After Photos

Chesapeake Bay Storm causes boat damage

Most people do not think of SERVPRO and think of boat cleaning or restoration, but in fact we do quite a bit of this type of work.  In the Annapolis,Arnold... READ MORE

Soot Damage in Annapolis Building

The alarms are going off, tenants are looking around to assess the situation.  No one smells smoke, or sees any fire so they relax a little and wait for th... READ MORE

Flooded basement in Annapolis, Maryland

This flooded basement was the result of a burst pipe in the bathroom.  The point of origin normally has the most extensive damage.  The vanity in this... READ MORE

Backyard Flooding hits Basement

When localized flooding causes yards to swell basements can be effected.  The flooring and contents of this basement had our trained technicians there to m... READ MORE

Roof Damage from Storm, Damages Millersville Home

Storm damage can come in many forms.  Wind, rain, storm surge and flooding are all possibilities during a storm.  Size, duration and intensity of the ... READ MORE

Business Floods During Storm

The Annapolis area is well known for food, historic sites and flooding.  Businesses are apt to experience at least one flooding experience during their ten... READ MORE

Storm causes interior home damage

Damage from a storm caused a roof to leak and left homeowners with a soggy laundry room.  Knowing that water can cause extensive damage they called for hel... READ MORE

Extensive Mold Damage- Required Remediation

That is not cool wallpaper, it is expansive mold growth.  A small amount of water can cause major damage in the right conditions. This home was vacant for ... READ MORE

Kitchen Overcome with Mold

Mold growth in this homes kitchen had gotten out of control.  Our team works towards preservation whenever possible. In this case removing the cabinets and... READ MORE

Edgewater home suffers severe mold damage

Mold grows when there is a warm,moist environment. This wet floor was a perfect breading ground. Some cases of mold can be cleaned and sanitized to safe st... READ MORE