Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Heavy Rain Storm Causes Flooding

When heavy rain saturates the ground, it can cause water to flow into basement stairwells. In this Pasadena, Maryland home, SERVPRO of Annapolis/Severna Park was called to help with damage from the storm water coming into the basement from the flooded stairwell. The damage included carpet, fuse ball table, and a futon.

Storm Damage in Davidsonville

This Davidsonville homeowner called us because her sump pump failed during a storm on July 30, 2018. Our SERVPRO Annapolis/Severna Park crew was dispatched to evaluate the damage. The sump pump was repaired and functioning by the time we arrived. However, there was water damage to the basement.

Several rooms in the basement were affected with standing water including one bedroom and the main basement room.

The SERVPRO Annapolis/Severna Park water damage specialists swiftly arrived at the home to begin work.  They worked diligently drying the wet areas and sanitized everything. Our advanced equipment help us to remove the water, even hidden moisture, quickly and efficiently.

Wind Storm Hits Millersville Garages

Wind can have a major effect on tides and water levels.  The major wind storm we had in our area on March 2nd, left some folks with water creeping near their homes.  Garages are an easy target for water entry.

Basements in Severna Park flooded by Wind Storm

When winds are consistent and the ground is wet, trees fall.  One recent wind storm created power outages that lasted days for some.  For those who did not have sump pump back up systems and had excessive water, they ended up with a mess. 

Storm Water Slides in the Door

Storm water settled in the exterior of the backyard and rose over the lip of the sliding glass doors. As the hours went on,so did the water that spread into the basement tile and carpet. 

Storm Rolls In, We Roll Out

Tropical Storm and Hurricane season is in full effect. Our crews keep all our equipment in working order ready to hit the trucks for service calls.  Getting to a storm water clean up fast can make a world of difference.

Storm Water attacks Maryland Home

Tropical Storm winds create water surges in the Chesapeake region that can flood out local yards.  One of our clients had over 10" of standing water in their yard which ended up creeping into their basement. Our team was called into dry it out.